TV Alert! “The Whale that Exploded” to air Dec 13 & 15

A British documentary titled “The Whale that Exploded in the Street,” will be airing in the United States on December 13 and 15 on the National Geographic channel (aka “NatGeo”) under the shortened title, “The Whale that Exploded.” The documentary explores the explosion of a 50-ton sperm whale carcass that was being transported through the Taiwan city of Tainan on a flatbed truck in January 2004. The explosion flooded a city street with gallons of blood and piles of intestines. 

The documentary is of particular interest since the producersasked for permission to use screenshots of this website’s page documenting the event

The show is schedule to air as part of NatGeo’s “Wild” series at the following times:

  • December 13, 2008, at 8pm
  • December 15, 2008, at 8am

See the the program’s page on the NatGeo TV website for more information.

Update: Monsters and Critics also a brief mention of the program.